Relax By The River - Woronora

This garden in Woronora had a truly spectacular setting but was rather uninspiring and underused. Our clients had built their own house on the block many years before but had stumbled when it came to the garden.

The brief encompassed a number of items on the wish list which included an area for a fire pit, a lawn for the family pets, a koi pond, a space for the barbecue and a dining area. It also needed to be low maintenance and most importantly it needed to enhance the view and not detract in any way.

All this in what is a relatively small space. The key to the design is the inclusion of in –built seating to maximise the spaces to their full potential. This has enabled us to push the seating elements to the edges of the garden leaving the central space open.

The garden areas have been planted out with a huge variety of succulents and groundcover plantings creating a beautiful tapestry but also a low maintenance result as the full planting beds keep out any weeds.

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01-Landscape-Plan-1.png 02-Planting-Plan-1.png 03-Plant Schedule_Optimized-1.png 04-3D illustration_Optimized-1.png 05-Hardscape Material_Optimized-1.png


1_ Garden-Redesign-Inspiration.jpg 2_Small-Garden-Design-in-Woronora.jpg 3_Garden-Fireplace.jpg 4_Small-Garden-Fireplace-Redesign.jpg 5_Layering-Small-Garden.jpg 6_Small-Garden-Koi-Pond.jpg 7_Garden-Fireplace-Pond-Inspiration.jpg 8_Small-Garden-Plants.jpg 9_Fireplace-and-Succulents-Landscaping.jpg 10_Landscaping-Sydney.jpg 11_Backyard-Lake-Landscaping.jpg 12_Redesign-A-Small-Garden.jpg 13_Garden-Landscaping-Sydney.jpg 14_Layering-Landscaping.jpg 15_Pond-Garden-Redesign.jpg 15_Pond-Garden-Redesign.jpg 17_Koi-Pond.jpg 18_Small-Garden-Pond.jpg 19_Green-Garden-Landscaping.jpg 20_Garden-Fireplace-Lake-Landscaping-Sydney.jpg

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