Top 5 Landscape Design Trends for Your Family Backyard

Looking to enhance your outdoor space? Here are some top landscape and garden trends for 2020!

As we head into this new decade, homeowners are looking to enhance their outdoor areas so they can enjoy the outdoors throughout the humid dry season. Making your outdoor areas cosy and comfortable with seating and warm neutral lighting sets a lovely mood when you want to relax outside or entertain guests. So, if you want to spend more time outdoors and if you’re planning on a landscape and gardening adventure look no further. Here are a few trends to look out for.


5 Reasons to Invest in a Private Pool Construction Project Now

It’s every homeowner’s dream: having their own swimming pool in their yard. With this feature, families can have their private oasis where they can cool down and relax whenever it’s hot. It is the perfect focal point for your outdoor space.

How To Create Kid-Friendly Gardens

Would you like to have a garden that is not just functional but also safe for your kids?

Everything boils down to having the right layout, using the right material, and knowing which plants and grass to use.

Use this guide to successfully create the best gardens for children.

8 Tips for Proper Pool Maintenance

Your swimming pool will give you and your family endless hours of refreshing dips, fun and relaxation.
To ensure you have a clean pool that is safe and conducive for swimming as well as other activities, you need to prioritise proper pool maintenance. Here are some tips to make sure your pool is always safe and enticing to use:

Start Your Own Eco-Friendly Garden

The New Year is history and even Earth Day’s over.

You know you’ve put it off long enough, and for the nth time, you’re staring at that patch of brown you’ve been meaning to use for your environmentally friendly gardening project.

How To Maximize A Small Garden

You want to grow vegetables, flowers and fruits in your yard but the problem is that you have a small plot. Don’t worry – there are different ways to maximize a small garden. Sydney landscaping experts share four clever design techniques so you can make the most out of every garden space at your disposal.

Trends in Landscaping: Sydney Landscape Designers Reveal What You Should Expect This 2018

If you’re thinking of having your lawn landscaped or having it redesigned this year but don’t have any ideas on where to begin, start by reading up on the latest trends in landscaping. Sydney landscape designers say the focus this year is having lawns that are multifunctional, appealing and friendly to all.


Summer Lawn Care and Landscaping: Sydney Gardening Experts Share Tips for Protecting Your Plants This Season

Summer is the perfect time for going on holidays, spending time at the beach, having barbecues, and simply relaxing and hanging around. But if you have a lawn, you will also have to spend several hours a week working on it to be sure it stays healthy and beautiful this hot season.


How To Get The Most Out Of Australian Native Plants In Your Garden

With lots of care and excellent landscaping, Sydney homeowners can have beautiful, impressive outdoor spaces all year round. Gardens can be filled with all kinds of points of interest and design elements.

Native gardens offer a particular sense of place. Several elements are used to evoke such a feeling. Here is a list of native plants you can include in your landscape design along with tips on how to properly care for them.

Landscaping With Pot Plants: Benefits And Ideas

For homeowners with limited outdoor landscaping space or anyone who wants to boost the appeal of their patio or porch, a container garden is a great choice. Containers can feature a single plant or a combination of plants, depending on the kind of look you want to achieve.
According to professionals in landscaping, Sydney homeowners can switch out plants seasonally to guarantee nonstop colour throughout the year.