Garden Makeover Ideas: Organic Gardens

Garden Makeover IdeasOrganic gardens are becoming very popular in the world of garden makeovers. Organic may sound like a fancy term, but it simply refers to plants grown without the use of synthetic commercialised herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. The health benefits of organic foods are hitting the headlines, and organic food is on the rise in Sydney, so why not start your organic garden? (more…)

Sydney Garden Design Makeovers for Your Home

image001The value of landscaping and garden design in Sydney has long been recognised by Sydney residents. In a progressive, international city, garden makeovers and elaborately landscaped backyards are the norm. However, what many people don’t realise is that the benefits of garden makeovers and Sydney landscape design go much deeper than just having a gorgeous yard. (more…)

Garden Makeover Ideas: Vertical Gardens

Looking to freshen up your living space? Garden makeovers are an increasingly popular alternative to a full backyard landscape renovation and provide a personal oasis to relax and recharge after a long day of work. Trying to come up with an idea for your next garden makeover? Try a vertical garden! (more…)

Sydney Landscaping – How it Can Benefit the Environment

Landscape Architecture in SydneyAre you looking for a beautiful yard that is also environmental friendly? At Valley Garden Landscapes, we specialise in customised Sydney Landscaping designs that are modern and tailored to your requirements. Landscape architecture in Sydney is becoming a popular trend. Not only does it create a stunning yard that neighbours will be ogling over, but landscape contractors can create striking landscape designs which have many environmental benefits. (more…)