5 popular trends in landscape design: What’s Hot Now!

Far from old fashioned, gardens and outdoor living spaces are becoming an increasingly important part of modern life. Not just a matter or curb appeal, landscaping has become part of incorporating your lifestyle into part of your outdoor home. Let’s take a look at the most popular gardening trends for the upcoming year.

1) Back-to-the-earth Functionality

Back-to-the-earth Functionality has become a popular trend with backyard designs where people are moving towards growing their own organic produce right at home. To achieve this, the landscape needs to be designed to allow these garden features to be easy to maintain and sustainable. Other considerations include making the features removable so that it can be easily be replaced or repaired. Besides incorporating veggie gardens and fruit trees into the landscape, some homeowners are raising chickens, fish and even bees in their own backyards!

2) Indoor ventures outside

The incorporation of outdoor living and entertaining spaces has been popular this year. Homeowners are turning courtyards and backyards into lush and comfortable outdoor lounges and dining areas. Perfect for parties, entertaining guests and even just to relax. With less foliage, outdoor spaces become easier to maintain. The addition of features such as outdoor fireplaces and lighting fixtures make it ideal for both day and night time use. Just like any room the space can be furnished with hardy outdoor furniture, thanks to new outdoor fabrics which are waterproof fade-resistant and are made from acrylic fibres, creating permanent living spaces outdoors with comfortable fabrics and furniture.


3) Water Features

The sound of water in a garden can help create a relaxing ambiance. These self-contained water systems can range from a portable fountain to a high-end water wall, are easily customizable and are available for all budgets. Other water features can include ponds for fish and water plants.


4) Mainstream Sustainability

Sustainable designs have become the norm as part of many landscape designs, this means low-maintenance gardens, drought-tolerant plants, less turf-grass (few lawns to mow) and evergreen foliage. They have become popular for both economic and environmental reasons, with less time and effort for maintenance. Using paving instead of lawns not only allows you to enjoy the space all year round but is also easily replaced, low cost and low maintenance. Plants are chosen not just for their beauty but also their tolerance to dry summers and wet winters.

5) Going Vertical

Vertical gardens work well for smaller spaces, light-constrained homes or even just to cover unsightly brickwork or concrete walls. They are convenient to setup and easy to maintain. Modular systems typically boast complex hydroponics which can take all the fuss out of care and maintenance. Alternatively if you are looking for something simpler, don’t rule out creepers and hanging baskets for a similar effect.