7 Ideas for Modern Landscaping Sydney Homeowners Should Consider

Landscaping has always been known to create a positive impact on the market value of properties. This is why home stagers always emphasise cleaning up front yards and making them look lush and green to clients selling their property.

But even if you’re not thinking of selling your home anytime soon, you really should direct careful thought toward your outdoor space. Think of how it can be a complete visual delight to you, your family, and even your community. At the same time, think of how you can get great functional mileage from it.

Making changes in your landscaping for an improved appearance and function requires as much inspiration as careful planning. If you’re a little low on inspiration, provided here are seven ideas for modern landscaping. Sydney landscapers claim that these are not only popular for property renovation projects because of the beauty they achieve; many home or property owners like them as well because they can serve as a great foundation for future enhancements:

  1. Incorporate unique stepping-stones into the landscaping design. The beauty of stepping stones is that they provide a more stable surface for people to walk on; likewise, they’ll reduce the amount of turf you need for your outdoor space (which can be a big advantage if it’s difficult to grow grass in your area). Also, with stepping-stones, there really are no rules to follow for design; you can opt for traditional shapes and materials or experiment with an unconventional appearance, and you can always have the assurance that they will elevate the look of your yard.
  1. Create an oasis in your garden. Not only are water elements in landscaping refreshing, they’re considered lucky as well. A Japanese-style pond or a Roman-inspired fountain is a good idea if you have a small outdoor space, but if you have a big one, definitely consider a swimming pool.



  1. Speaking of a swimming pool, a rather popular pool design is one that’s surrounded by green plants and natural rocks. The plants and rocks give the water retreat a more “natural” appeal – a great idea if you live in the concrete jungle section of Sydney and you want to create a relaxing natural retreat within your property.



  1. Another landscaping idea involving a pool is to create sleek lines that create the illusion of bigger space and also achieve a look of complete sophistication.
  1. If you’re sold to the idea of a swimming pool being part of your landscaping design, consider a pool deck as well. The pool deck can increase the beauty and functionality of the area. The trend for pool decks is versatility. Many prefer a deck that has a minimalistic appearance because it’s always easier to transform so it can blend well with specific themes for events, or simply suit the changing seasons.
  1. An in-ground pool that has a vanishing edge is also a creative and modern idea for landscaping that is worth considering.
  1. Adding an outdoor fireplace is worth thinking about as well. Many gravitate toward those fancy stone fireplaces found near outdoor seating and entertaining areas (such as gazebos and patios). These fireplaces are not only good for illuminating and warming the surroundings on dark, chilly nights, but they’re also perfect for making s’mores and roasting treats like hotdogs, corn, vegetable skewers, and others for guests.

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