7 Quick Ways to Rejuvenate Your Garden this Weekend

Your backyard is an extension of your home; you use it to play, eat, relax and entertain your friends. But it’s sometime forgotten that the landscaping of your outdoor space plays a vital role in the overall appeal of your home. Most people avoid updating their backyards because they assume it’s too expensive or is too large of an undertaking, and therefore an outdoor makeover gets relegated to last on the list of home updates.

Here are some inspiring landscape design ideas on how to reinvigorate your outdoor space without huge investment of either time or money. Most, if not all of these projects can be completed in just one weekend:

1. The Grass Is Greener. It’s a simple yet incredibly valuable task – fertilise and seed your lawn and see wonderful results! Improving the look and quality of your lawn will see you laying out on warner days, either reading a book of sunbathing. Either way you will find that some tender loving care will add a lot of value to not only the look but also to the usability of your backyard.

Let There Be Light2. Let There Be Light. Adding new lighting concepts can dramatically change the overall look of your outdoor space. Think lanterns, candles, outdoor lamps or even a fire pit to add warmth and interest. Not only will this addition see you utilising your outdoor space more, but it will change the way in which you use it too – more light means more hours spent outside. Throw a party, hang out with the kids or invite friends around for a barbie; all wonderful ways to live it up in the great outdoors!

3. Add Some Colour. Planting some colour in the form of either flowering plants or even shrubs can really add a new and updated look to your outdoor space. Ensure that you choose plants that are suitable for Sydney’s climate and you’ll continue to reap the benefits, season after season. Other ways of injecting some colour and life into your outdoor space include buying some cheap, weather-appropriate cushions for your outdoor furniture or painting old furniture in new colours – make sure you use weather-proof paint though, to prevent peeling and extend the life of the furniture.Add Some Colour

4. Renew Your Decking. It’s simple; it may take a few hours but renewing your deck by cleaning and then re-sealing will add untold value to the look of your outdoor space. Use a high-pressure cleaner (available for hire for around $40-$50 per day) to remove dirt and stains and then use a soft broom or brush with deck sealant or lacquer to vastly improve the appeal of your decking area. Simple but incredibly effective.

5. Fix that Fence. Fencing is an often neglected aspect of the garden. A small issue such as a missing paling can easily lead to more falling off or can vastly affect the overall look of your garden. Treat your fence to some much-needed love or a new lick of paint/stain and you will see the value this minor task can add to the overall feel of your outdoor space.

6. Interesting Planting Solutions. Get creative with your planting and break away from the norm. Try recycling some colourful glassware, vases or painted tins and use these to add valuable colour to your backyard. Introduce some hanging plants or paint and nail old tin cans to your fence to add interest and pops of colour. Adding colour can go a long way to modernising or lifting the feel of your backyard space.

Create An Outdoor Room7. Create An Outdoor Room. This project can take time and potentially require more funds, but there a varying levels of time and money investment – take it as far as you can afford. Creating an outdoor room can not only modernise your outdoor space but will also see you using you backyard more, either for yourself or your family and for entertaining guests. A simple way to do this is if you have a covered area. Look online for inspiration and come up with something that fits in with the feel of you home. Make it fun!