Why Autumn is the Best Time to Landscape Your Garden.

Why Autumn is the Best Time to Landscape Your GardenAs the hot, dry days of summer begin to fade into the less intense and more pleasant days of autumn, you will discover that now is the perfect window of time to get your planned garden landscaping done. Not only is the cooler weather conducive to working outside, but it also brings moisture to the soil, making it much easier to work with. This time of year helps your garden recover from the scorching heat of summer and get those new plants in before the upcoming winter and have them fully settled in and ready to thrive in spring.

Summer tends to dry out the soil, putting plants under pressure and by autumn your plants and your garden in general will need a good rejuvenation and potentially an entire garden makeover. This is the best time to remove any brown dying back foliage or plants and get your weeding done because the moist soil makes the process a lot simpler. Plus, it prevents the weeds from flourishing over the winter, which can lead to a lot more work when spring arrives. Notably, this is the most opportune time to give your lawn some general care and fertilise to help strengthen its root systems, which will help it to stay strong and green for the year to come. The great thing is all your work will leave your backyard and garden beds looking fresh and ready for any new plants you may want introduce in the future.

One of the easiest ways and most impactful ways to landscape and inject some new life into your tired garden is with the addition of new plants and trees. By planting in autumn you will give your plants enough time to become established over the winter, which means that they will flourish in spring and be completely ready for next summer. Planting now also allows new plants to establish before the weather gets too cold, which can stop plants putting roots down effectively.

Generally, autumn in Sydney is the perfect time of year if you have been considering undertaking landscaping projects in your outdoor space. Given that the weather isn’t too harsh, the relatively dry but cool temperatures make landscaping and garden makeovers much more manageable than in the summer months. Plants can be moved more easily without damaging them, too. Most importantly, having your new garden fully established by next summer means that you can spend time enjoying your garden landscaping rather than coordinating works on your outdoor space in the stifling heat!

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