How To Create Kid-Friendly Gardens

Would you like to have a garden that is not just functional but also safe for your kids?

Everything boils down to having the right layout, using the right material, and knowing which plants and grass to use.

Use this guide to successfully create the best gardens for children.

Start Your Own Eco-Friendly Garden

The New Year is history and even Earth Day’s over.

You know you’ve put it off long enough, and for the nth time, you’re staring at that patch of brown you’ve been meaning to use for your environmentally friendly gardening project.

How To Maximize A Small Garden

You want to grow vegetables, flowers and fruits in your yard but the problem is that you have a small plot. Don’t worry – there are different ways to maximize a small garden. Sydney landscaping experts share four clever design techniques so you can make the most out of every garden space at your disposal.

Trends in Landscaping: Sydney Landscape Designers Reveal What You Should Expect This 2018

If you’re thinking of having your lawn landscaped or having it redesigned this year but don’t have any ideas on where to begin, start by reading up on the latest trends in landscaping. Sydney landscape designers say the focus this year is having lawns that are multifunctional, appealing and friendly to all.


How To Get The Most Out Of Australian Native Plants In Your Garden

With lots of care and excellent landscaping, Sydney homeowners can have beautiful, impressive outdoor spaces all year round. Gardens can be filled with all kinds of points of interest and design elements.

Native gardens offer a particular sense of place. Several elements are used to evoke such a feeling. Here is a list of native plants you can include in your landscape design along with tips on how to properly care for them.

Having The Perfect Shade Garden

Plants need sunlight to grow and survive. Unfortunately, not all homes receive the right amount of natural light regularly because of tall trees, walls, mountains and hills, and other obstructions.

The Best Types Of Grass For Australian Lawns

What’s the big deal with grass?

Grass plays an important role in the overall look and condition of your lawn. A green lawn will effectively boost the appearance and appeal of your property. The root systems of grass help prevent erosion in lawns. Australia homeowners should also know that lawn grass improves air quality in your property as well since they produce oxygen and trap airborne dust particles and other contaminants. (more…)

Looking For A Beautiful Wedding Garden Design To Use? Here Are The Trends To Consider

Are you and your groom like a lot of couples who find it a romantic idea to hold their wedding outdoors? Do you feel like placing the event right smack in the midst of a natural setting will automatically make the occasion more laidback — and therefore, rather more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone?

If you’re considering having your big day outdoors and you’re gravitating more toward a garden venue, here are the most popular trends for wedding garden design, plus tried and true wedding planning tips to help you out.

Create Your Theme


Make Small-Scale Living Grand With These Cottage Garden Ideas

Cottage living is all the rage among people who are lovers of a simple lifestyle. It costs less, yet when it comes to charm, it can easily trump bigger housing options. Just because cottages are small doesn’t mean that there are limited possibilities in terms of making them functional and lovely. On the contrary, many cottage dwellers say, living in a cottage brings an entirely new and beautiful quality to life.

One of the usual components of cottage living is a cottage garden. Here, anything can thrive – from heirloom vegetables to a myriad of ornamental blooms. (more…)

Backyard Fencing: A Guide To Choosing The Right Fence For Your Property

Backyard fences provide additional security to your property. If you choose your backyard fencing material and design properly, you will also enhance the appeal of your outdoor space.

Backyard Fencing Project – Factors To Consider

If you want to build a fence, you need to consider certain key factors first to ensure you’re on the right track with this type of home improvement project. These factors include: