Combining Pools and Landscaping in Sydney: Garden Ideas for Families

A swimming pool can be a valuable addition to any Australian home.

It can certainly increase the enjoyment that the homeowners experience in their private space. They can take a dip whenever the heat becomes oppressive or go for daily swims to improve their physical fitness.

The pool area can serve as a calming space where you can savour some peace and quiet all to yourself.

Alternatively, the same pool area can be transformed into a space to entertain family and guests during special occasions (or just because it’s the weekend). (more…)

5 Simple Upgrades in Landscaping Sydney Locals Can Try Now

Tired of seeing the same things over and over again on your landscape? Has your landscape seen better days? Or maybe it needs a little updating to keep pace with the recent changes you have made with your home?

Whatever your goals may be, updating the look of your backyard does not need to be complicated. Here are a few simple landscape design ideas that a garden landscaper (Sydney) has compiled that you might find useful: (more…)

7 Ideas for Modern Landscaping Sydney Homeowners Should Consider

Landscaping has always been known to create a positive impact on the market value of properties. This is why home stagers always emphasise cleaning up front yards and making them look lush and green to clients selling their property.

But even if you’re not thinking of selling your home anytime soon, you really should direct careful thought toward your outdoor space. Think of how it can be a complete visual delight to you, your family, and even your community. At the same time, think of how you can get great functional mileage from it.

Making changes in your landscaping for an improved appearance and function requires as much inspiration as careful planning. If you’re a little low on inspiration, provided here are seven ideas for modern landscaping. Sydney landscapers claim that these are not only popular for property renovation projects because of the beauty they achieve; many home or property owners like them as well because they can serve as a great foundation for future enhancements:


Quick and Helpful Sydney Landscaping Tips to Make Your Small Backyard Seem Bigger

For many homeowners, a backyard or garden is a must-have. Regardless of whether you live in a bustling city or a quieter suburb, having a place to sit back, entertain guests, or tend plants can help you enjoy your private space more.

The problem, however, is that not all homes come with spacious outdoor spaces. However, your precious limited yard space can look larger than life and actually become more than enough for everything you wish to do in it — all it takes is the touch of a highly experienced Sydney landscaping expert who can effectively maximise the space and help the entire household (and all your visitors) thoroughly relish its versatility.

Here are tried and tested tips for making your small backyard appear much bigger, from a seasoned garden landscaper: (more…)

Working with Your Landscaper in Sydney to Make Your Outdoor Space Summer Ready

What’s fun to do when it’s summer in Sydney? Enjoy the beautiful outdoors, of course.

The good news is that you don’t need to go too far. You can take advantage of the fresh air, beautiful views and the sunny weather right in the comfort of your own home. By improving your outdoor living spaces, you can have access to your best summer ever right where you live.

To make your outdoor space summer-re¬ady, make it a priority to change or update your landscape design. It’s best to work with a professional landscaper in Sydney to ensure you can implement improvements that will provide the most impact and offer value for your money in the long term.

Leading Sydney landscaping services experts also recommend focusing on the following elements as these provide the most ROI:


Landscaping in Sydney – Patio and Walkway Designs for Your Backyard

Do you want a patio and walkway incorporated in your landscape design but don’t quite know where to start? Here’s a simple guide to prove you with some inspiration to make your landscape design decisions easier. (more…)

Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Private Backyard Oasis

If you dislike spending time in your backyard because it’s plain and boring, you should do something about it. You should be able to enjoy your outdoor living space. With a little imagination and investment into your landscape design, Valley Garden Landscapes can create a truly special place in your property.

Modern Landscape Design Ideas for Beginners

Every person has his or her own dream house in mind. Most people aspire to build a home one day that exhibits the most creative and meaningful design. Some wish to have the most advanced security systems installed in their home, while others want to have a solar powered home built to save electricity. Those who love nature, on the other hand, specifically seek out highly aesthetic and modern landscape design ideas, creating a more elegant and environment-friendly look.

However, there are a few important things to know before considering modern landscaping, such as the following:


How to Create an Urban Oasis with Your Back Garden Design

All the hustle and bustle — the frenetic pace of city living — can leave your mind and body in a state of chronic stress. And while periodic breaks and travels to exotic locales can do wonders for you, you do not have to travel far and wide to decompress and regain your inner balance.

Not when you have your own private oasis in your backyard.

If you are planning on creating your own urban oasis, here are some helpful back garden design tips from the experts in landscaping Sydney residents trust:


A Tropical Garden Design in Sydney

tropical garden design in SydneySourceMany people consider the tropics as paradise. Gorgeous climate, fabulous beaches, vibrant flowers, lush greenery, fascinating fauna — being in such a place has the power to lift the everyday worries that rest heavy on their shoulders. The serenity stemming from the beauty of nature, the usually laidback attitude of the people in the tropics, the relaxing warm weather — all these contribute to the restful and rejuvenating qualities of the tropics. Wouldn’t you want to have this right in your backyard? (more…)