Combining Pools and Landscaping in Sydney: Garden Ideas for Families

A swimming pool can be a valuable addition to any Australian home.

It can certainly increase the enjoyment that the homeowners experience in their private space. They can take a dip whenever the heat becomes oppressive or go for daily swims to improve their physical fitness.

The pool area can serve as a calming space where you can savour some peace and quiet all to yourself.

Alternatively, the same pool area can be transformed into a space to entertain family and guests during special occasions (or just because it’s the weekend).

And of course, putting in a swimming pool can significantly increase the property’s value.

If you’re planning to have a swimming pool installed in your property, one of the things that you must consider is how well the pool will blend with the existing landscaping. In Sydney (and just about anywhere in the entire country, actually), there is good weather for spending time outdoors, which is why most homeowners invest in quality landscaping services to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their properties.

A swimming pool has to work well with the backyard landscaping so that the desired effect can be achieved.

Here are some excellent garden and swimming pool design ideas that any seasoned garden landscaper would share:

Place plants immediately around the swimming pool area.

An abundance of foliage creates a pleasant aesthetic environment for sitting around the pool area. What’s more, the presence of plants helps reduce the amount of water evaporation from the pool’s surface.

See more photos here  (Pennant Hills Project)

Introduce outdoor installations.

Decks, platforms and other structures help make better use of the space and connect the living areas with the outdoor spaces. Pergolas are also popular picks, made even more attractive with sky lights and down lights.

See more photos here  (North Manly Project)

Choose a theme for the pathways all around the pool.

Before pool constructions are begun, it helps to have an idea of how you want the pathways to look so that the swimming pool area and the garden can be tied up nicely with a cohesive look.

There are a number of materials that can be considered, such as sandstone, granite, limestone and brick — these are all popular options for garden pathways.

See more photos here (Alfords Point Project)

Consider a pool redesign.

If your home already has a traditional pool and you’d like to change up its appearance, talk to your landscaper about replacing it with a natural one — or even a pond-like installation.

Putting in natural pool filters is relatively simple because the existing pipework is utilised, natural filters are placed, and the tile colours and liners can be replaced.

If you’re leaning more toward turning the pool into your own personal pond, a lot more work will need to be done — but in the end, you’ll have a charming and refreshing pond environment right in your own home.

Pool makeover

See more photos here (Freshwater Project)

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