Create a Backyard Getaway in Your Outdoor Space

They say “home is where the heart is,” and we definitely agree! An outdoor living space is an extension of the home, but far too many people neglect it or don’t put the time and effort into landscaping a garden they love. Here are our top tips on creating the backyard getaway of your dreams that you will surely enjoy for years to come!

Add some privacy. Creating a greater sense of enclosure in your outdoor area will make it feel more like an oasis. Fences, garden walls and even weather-proof curtains or blinds will ensure privacy for patios or decking areas, but you can also use lattice and/or landscaping to define outdoor spaces and prevent those prying neighbours from seeing into your backyard.

Consider an outdoor kitchen. If you BBQ often like most Sydneysiders, or if you love eating outdoors, you could really benefit from an outdoor kitchen! You don’t need a fancy BBQ, but a benchtop for prepping food plus other handy features such as an outdoor fridge or separate side burners will greatly enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Add a basic sink to make cleaning up even easier!

Create shade or cover. Even sun lovers need shade sometimes and you’re likely to find that you use your deck a lot more in the summer heat if you can provide some relief from direct sun. Shade options can include mature trees, umbrellas, retractable awnings, or even the addition of a pergola.

Furnish with comfortable, durable furniture. There are now more choices than ever for outdoor furniture and the options no longer have to involve hard, uncomfortable plastic! Comfy cushions with wrought or cast iron, aluminium or even wood for a more traditional look are all classic options depending on the look of your garden’s landscape design. To achieve the same level of style and comfort as you would find in your home, there are new synthetic, weatherproof patio fabrics and furniture available. These days there are even weatherproof floor and table lamps to match your look indoors as well. Get creative and really bring the indoors out!

Add a hot tub or spa. Having somewhere to soak after a long day can really add to the luxury and relaxation aspect of your backyard. To determine the best location for the spa, consider privacy is a must! Also make it accessible to the house and decide whether you want the spa in sunshine or shade.

Also consider the size of the spa in relation to the area in which you are putting it, as you don’t want this feature to overwhelm your yard. Don’t forget you will also require additional room for sitting and walking around the spa. Remember that a spa full of water may weigh 2 tonnes, so it will need a sturdy foundation independent of your deck’s foundation.

Lay the features on thick! Fountains, fireplaces, and fire pits will only enhance the opulence and useability of your outdoor room. Fountains bring with them the soothing sounds of trickling water and can serve as a point of interest in your outdoor space. Fireplaces make your yard more user-friendly in winter and serve as a natural focal point whilst defining the space. Fire pits, both built-in and mobile, also help to draw people together and extend the practicality of an outdoor living area into Sydney’s colder months.

Finally, consider accessorising your landscape or outdoor area with statues, weatherproof art and cushions covered in weatherproof fabrics. These minor additions will really help to turn your ordinary outdoor space or deck area into an inviting personal sanctuary.