Current Garden Design Trends for you to Replicate

Current Garden Design Trends for you to ReplicateAutumn has most definitely settled in and while the darker and greyer weather can be disheartening, May is the perfect time to reassess and revamp your garden with the latest design trends! Here are five trends that you might want to try to help modernise your outdoor space.

Cottage Gardens will never go out of style. In the hustle and bustle of the Sydney suburbs, designing a country cottage oasis in your backyard is relatively simple, yet so rewarding. By making use of raised garden beds, specific flowers and herbs and paved English style paths, you can replicate something that is homely and welcoming, yet chic and interesting. Incorporate pale or faded outdoor furniture to enhance this theme.

Embrace the European style, with hardy, leafy European plants. While these may be less colourful, the various shades of green leave an impression of lushness, and can also be intriguing way of playing with your dimension in your garden. Combine this with a modern garden design and incorporate edgy outdoor furniture or a vertical garden wall to bring the design of your backyard bang up to date.

Current Garden Design Trends for you to Replicate-2Warm yourself against the chilly May nights with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Enjoy entertaining guests or simply having a cosy night in front of the fire, all in the comfort of your backyard! Either incorporate this into your garden’s theme to make it appear as if it was always there, or make it into a statement piece and focal point of your garden.

Whilst some of your plants may lose colour in the autumn, bring it back by incorporating a bright feature wall into your garden design. Using warm bright colours (reds, yellows and oranges) will not only inject interest into your garden in the darker months, but in the summer will reflect the warm sun and draw the eye. Utilise a feature wall to help create a sense of symmetry within your garden.

Current Garden Design Trends for you to Replicate-3-1Separate and section the different areas of your garden. Not only does this create a clean and less cluttered garden, it makes for a more efficient use of the space. Water features or wooden partitions are a great and fun way to play with the design.

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