Designing a Peaceful Outdoor Space

outdoor space
Why is it important to create a peaceful outdoor space?
You backyard or outdoor space often becomes an extension of your home and can be an important part of your living space. This space can become your retreat, a little piece of quiet, calm paradise that offers a refuge from a hectic house, job or just a hectic life.
So how do you create a peaceful outdoor space?
Sometimes it can be difficult to create a calm space. You’ll need to focus on de-cluttering as a starting point, removing elements of mess, clutter and any sign of an errand or to-do list. There is nothing less relaxing than stepping into your backyard and seeing half-finished projects or junk that you have been meaning to throw away for years.

You’ll also want it to be comfortable. Lots of benches, chairs, hammocks or cushions. The furniture you choose will definitely go a long way to helping make you feel that you want to lounge about and relax in your outdoor space. Deliberately design your space to promote relaxation.

You’ll also want it to be lush and natural feeling. Plants like ferns and wall climbers give a sense of nature and calm without adding too much vibrancy or being too busy.

And as for colour, you’ll probably want it to be more muted to promote a relaxed vibe. Earthy tones like blues, greens, creams and browns often work well.
outdoor space
But how do you actually bring all of this together?
It will all depend on how much space you have and what you’d like to create for the space. It might be for reading, watching projected films or a quiet place to do a bit of relaxing gardening.

The easiest way to achieve a space that you’re comfortable in is with the help of a professional landscape design firm, who will help you to both architecturally map out the space as well as add appropriate garden design elements.

This will go a long way to helping you create an outdoor space that has style, openness and flows well. They can also help you to design the space to incorporate elements such as day beds, built in bench seating, other furniture features and interesting plants that will compliment your space and nail your desires for how the space should feel.

How do you want to feel in the space?
When building an outdoor retreat you should consider elements that make you feel most peaceful and at ease.There are lots of options, for example, dedicating an area for meditation or yoga, considering introducing a Zen garden, a quiet water feature, as well as elegant lighting or alternativelya built-in stereo system to listen to your favourite relaxing music or watch films outside. Add a table or bench to enjoy that nice cup of tea and you’re well on your way to tranquillity!