Garden Makeover Ideas: Organic Gardens

Garden Makeover IdeasOrganic gardens are becoming very popular in the world of garden makeovers. Organic may sound like a fancy term, but it simply refers to plants grown without the use of synthetic commercialised herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. The health benefits of organic foods are hitting the headlines, and organic food is on the rise in Sydney, so why not start your organic garden?

Gardens provide many benefits including aiding in creating a healthier, more sustainable environment. Synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fungicides can be dangerous to humans and animals who come in contact with them, causing health problems and abnormalities. Furthermore, synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fungicides are produced from non-natural chemicals and when used in excess contaminate rainwater, leading to contamination of streams and rivers and possibly the drinking water supply.

Garden Design IdeasLooking for a fresh garden makeover design idea? How about an organic garden! Organic gardening is a positive alternative that uses all natural products to fertilise and keep pests away. Clay and compost are two economical alternatives to synthetic products and will lead to a much healthier yard and environment. Organic gardens come in all shapes and sizes and can consist of edible plants (such as fruits or veggies) or just beautiful flowers. Deciding what to put in your organic garden can be a fun and creative challenge!