Garden Makeover Ideas: Vertical Gardens

Looking to freshen up your living space? Garden makeovers are an increasingly popular alternative to a full backyard landscape renovation and provide a personal oasis to relax and recharge after a long day of work. Trying to come up with an idea for your next garden makeover? Try a vertical garden!

These garden makeovers are particularly good for people living in urban areas with limited outdoor space They also double as an efficient way to cover unsightly brick or house siding.

Vertical garden makeovers are done by a landscape contractor to implementing a system that supports plants growing in a vertical direction. A watering system can also be installed, so the amount of care and work needed to maintain the vertical garden is minimal.

If you have a limited budget, the same vertical garden effect can be achieved through using climbing plants such as vines or other types of flowering climbing plants, or by hanging planters from the ceiling. Consult your local garden shop or give us a call to learn about varieties of climbing plants available in Sydney.

Need some vertical garden ideas?