How to Create an Urban Oasis with Your Back Garden Design

All the hustle and bustle — the frenetic pace of city living — can leave your mind and body in a state of chronic stress. And while periodic breaks and travels to exotic locales can do wonders for you, you do not have to travel far and wide to decompress and regain your inner balance.

Not when you have your own private oasis in your backyard.

If you are planning on creating your own urban oasis, here are some helpful back garden design tips from the experts in landscaping Sydney residents trust:

Plan for success
Before delving into the actual design of your urban oasis, you will need to create a plan that will enable you to effectively utilise the available space in your property. Because most urban properties have limited available space, utilising multi-level plans is highly recommended. If possible, consult a landscape architect to help guide you during the planning stage.

The importance of decks and patios
The best way to maximise limited space in the backyard is to utilise multi-level decks or patios. The deck or patio can then be attached to the kitchen, dining room, living room, or even to the master bedroom.

Connecting the patio or deck to the kitchen can allow you to expand your kitchen and dining space. Welcome patio/deck additions include counters, prep sinks and even a refrigerator.

Taking the climate into consideration
During the planning stage, homeowners should not forget to factor in the prevailing climate and weather conditions. These conditions include the amount of rainfall and available shade from the sun. Climate is also a crucial factor that you will need to consider when selecting plants to place in your backyard garden. Here, a garden landscaper can provide you with invaluable advice about the best plants to buy and install.

Consider installing a water feature
One of the quickest and simplest ways to add a touch of tranquility to your backyard oasis is to add a water feature. If space is limited, you can simply turn a decorative pot into a fountain. But if space permits, consider installing a waterfall.

You can’t have too many plants
Plants can help regulate temperature due to their cooling effect. On top of that, they can induce a sense of calm and make almost any space more visually interesting. The key here is to mix different shades, textures, shapes and sizes. If you are going to use containers for plants and trees, choose those with simple and clean designs.

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