Ideas to Make your Outdoor Living Space More Modern

While the leaves change with autumn, perhaps it’s time to think about changing up your outdoor living area too. If you’re looking to modernise your outdoor space, here are some simple ideas and ways to update your backyard landscape.

Play with Textures

Play with TexturesThe modern backyard makes use of many materials and textures. Experimentation with wood or bamboo is trending at present – just consider your use of textures and tones such that they capture the eye without dominating the space. The use of rough, textured stone also helps create a more modern feel and can help to add dimension and contrast in your outdoor space. For something more sleek and enduring, try marble or granite stone tops for your outdoor eating area to add complexity and to enhance the modern feel.

Diversity in Design

Always keep up with modern trends by carefully considering your purchase of outdoor living furniture, such that the set is versatile, interchangeable and easily re-styled. Buying niche outdoor furniture will stifle your possibilities and prevent you from keeping up with trends in the future, and will most definitely be harder on the back pocket! Instead design an open space that is multi-functional and allows for a wider spectrum of ideas and designs. Create your space as a blank canvas with design elements to be added and changed at whim. You could try something like the recent project Valley Garden Landscapes undertook, whereby seating and lighting are in built into the framework of the living space. This way new cushions and outdoor soft furnishings, plants and flowers can be added to adapt to new trends and palettes. Using your outdoor space like this allows for faster and easier evolution to keep your backyard bang on trend.

Consider your Lighting

A modern setting is not to be without a well-considered lighting set up – especially now that daylight savings has ended! Find ways to get more light into your backyard at all times of the day. It gets darker a lot earlier now and by introducing more light, you can still utilise your outdoor space after work or at the weekend. Consider built-in landscaped lighting features, lanterns, candles or outdoor lamps on tables and even a fireplace. It will have you using your outdoor space a lot more.

Accessories and Plants

Accessories and PlantsModern pottery, sculptures and succulent plants are just some of the trendy modern twists you can add into your outdoor arrangement to help bring your space up-to-date. Sculptures and pottery help to add style to your modern setting, adding depth and interest. Oriental and Indian sculptures are very popular at the moment, and can bring a feeling of serenity to your outdoor area. Succulent plants and even interesting cacti are definitely trendy at current, and are a simple way to add a modern and unique feel to your backyard. Succulents are also very easy to maintain, requiring minimal watering and help your garden to look healthy at any time of the year. Take note though; if you’re planting cacti around pets and children, be very wary of placement!

For more design and landscaping advice, give Valley Gardens Landscapes a call on 02 9548 6024 and ask us how we can help to create a more modern space in your backyard.