Incorporating a Water Feature into your Backyard

Incorporating a modern water feature into your backyard design can be one of the most exciting things about a professional garden make over. Water features are a fantastic way to add another tranquil, calming element to your outdoor space whilst giving a modern and natural feel to your overall design.

Here are some ideas on how to add a stylish water feature:

– Waterfalls
A little piece of rainforest in your own backyard is not only beautiful but there are so many options, you can use a rock wall, add in palms, bamboo or cascading pebbles to match the style of your garden design.

– Fountains
There are a great many designs, you can choose a traditional or more modern design, for instance a bowl style feature to enhance your outdoor area

– Ponds or pool styles
Sometimes it’s as simple as a more natural pond shape or a symmetrical rectangular pool style, these can be a lovely way to create a tranquil space and team well with a waterfall element

– Outdoor showers
These are fantastic if you have the space and privacy and can be an excellent way to add a resort feel in the nicer weather. Also great if you or your family has a particularly messy hobby and you want to keep all that mud/sand outside!

Keep in mind that it is always safest to have these kinds of water features designed and installed by professionals. This will help prevent any flooding or leaking issues due to incorrect measurements and poor design or installation.

Another important factor is safety when introducing water features into your backyard. If you have children or children are present when entertaining, always ensure that you have safety measures in place. In addition ensure that children are always supervised when you are in the backyard.

Water features are a simple and elegant way to add a natural, modern and stylish architectural quality to your outdoor space.