Introduce an All Season Outdoor Eating Area in Your Backyard

Introduce an All Season Outdoor Eating Area in Your Backyard

Yes it’s winter, yes it’s cold! That doesn’t mean you should sit idly in front of the TV, as your outdoor entertaining area goes to waste! Bring the warmth back by introducing an outdoor eating area to your backyard! It’s easier than you might think and could dramatically change the way you use your backyard.

Weather Proofing:
The first step to creating your outdoor eating area is weather proofing. You want your guests (and food!) to keep warm when sitting down to a delicious meal in your outdoor dining area. Invest in an adaptable weatherproofing set up that will keep the cold, wind and rain out when it’s winter, and open up to let the sunshine in during summer.

For fabric furniture or seating, you should be sure to waterproof the material as soon as it is installed. Lightly dust the materials before lightly applying a waterproofing chemical. Waterproofing spray is easy to apply and dries quickly. Waterproofing fabrics means they dry more quickly if they do get wet and are easier to clean and wipe down before guests arrive to attend your outdoor dinner. Simple!

Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen
Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen:
Don’t want to buy a whole new kitchen just for your outdoor eating area? Why not design an outdoor-indoor kitchen? Using cool designs, like a bar at the kitchen window, can be a fun way to enjoy your outdoor eating area and serve your guests food and drinks without leaving the stove!

Use large open spaces or incorporate a glass door between your kitchen area and the outdoor setting, this will help to bring the feeling of the indoors outside. A perfect space for dinners, lunches and events. On a dry night, you could even blend in some of the indoor furniture to make the setting more relaxing and inviting!

If you’re looking to achieve something modern and innovative, why not build a customised seating area or dining table into your outdoor eating area? Use similar textures and materials to your decking or flooring to make your outdoor accessories blend seamlessly in to the eating space.

Fire Pits and Wood Fire Ovens
Fire Pits and Wood Fire Ovens
Consider wood fire pits or even an outdoor wood fire oven to create a focal point, providing great warmth and an incredible outdoorsy vibe. Let the firelight add ambience and a natural, elegant feel to your design. Try including a pizza oven and you’ll have guest lining up around the block! Even if you’re not expecting guests, you and the family can sit by the fire and toast marshmallows or even some homemade bread.

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