Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Private Backyard Oasis

If you dislike spending time in your backyard because it’s plain and boring, you should do something about it. You should be able to enjoy your outdoor living space. With a little imagination and investment into your landscape design, Valley Garden Landscapes can create a truly special place in your property.

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If you want to install a private oasis in your backyard, incorporate the following landscaping ideas:

  • Water feature – It’s so relaxing to gaze at a body of water. The sounds it produces are equally soothing. Fortunately, you don’t need to live in a waterfront property to have this advantage. By installing a fountain, a pond, or some other water feature, you can have a true oasis in your backyard. You can make it complement your house in style, blend with the natural elements of your yard, or even stand out as an installation of pure whimsy.
  • Outdoor kitchen – This is actually a popular trend all around, considering many people’s penchant for entertaining. More than the usual barbecue grill, it would have everything you need to prepare a full meal right there in your backyard. This means a countertop, a side burner, a refrigerator, a sink, and closed storage. This is perfect for those who love to have people over but don’t have enough indoor space.
  • Outdoor seating – An oasis implies relief and respite after a long, tiring travel through a barren wilderness. A patio set or picnic table may provide a means to visit and rest, but there’s no element of awe that should be present in the notion of an oasis. You need to come up with sitting areas that are as attractive as they are comfortable. It should have a cover that allows you to enjoy the outdoors while protecting you from the elements. A pergola, an awning, an arbour, an umbrella… you can use any of these elements; just remember to do so with flair.

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  • Lush setting – Your backyard, as fancy and well-appointed as it may be, should look like the outdoors, so make sure you utilise what nature has to offer. Incorporate natural stone. Decorate with vines. Create texture by mixing up plants of varying sizes and leaves (e.g., ferns and bamboo). An oasis suggests a welcome array of vibrant colours after the monotony of desert sand. This usually means vivid green from the plants, sparkling blue from the water, and a riot of different shades from the flowers. Adopt the same rich but comforting treat from nature.


With such an oasis in your own backyard, you will spend lots of time outdoors — something that is good for your body and soul.

Valley Garden Landscapes understands that creating an outdoor oasis can be difficult for homeowners. Get in touch with us or give us a call on 02-9548 6024 so we can help you create that truly magical place.