Landscaping in Sydney – Patio and Walkway Designs for Your Backyard

Do you want a patio and walkway incorporated in your landscape design but don’t quite know where to start? Here’s a simple guide to prove you with some inspiration to make your landscape design decisions easier.

When it comes to landscaping in Sydney, you can rest assured that you can find any material or service necessary to bring forth just the patio and walkway you imagined for your property. To come up with ideas, you’ll need to consider the following factors:

  • Location – This is going to be your canvas so you need to know the area you will be working with. You need to have a visual of the space to take measurements and to have a good basis for selecting the stone to use.
  • Material – You have the option of natural stone or interlocking concrete pavers. You also have to consider the size of your project as this will greatly influence your choice of materials that you will be using. Pavers come in hundreds of various combinations of thicknesses and patterns. Take into account the following elements:
    • Texture – Your choices include smooth (non-tumbled), weathered (tumbled), embossed (dimpled surface), tumbled and embossed, slate, and flagstone.
    • Colour – Earth tones are most popular and the usual choices include sandstone, limestone, and the following colour combinations: cream-brown, terracotta-cream-brown, tan-buff-brown, grey-charcoal, and grey-moss-charcoal. A good rule of thumb here is to complement the colours of the house roof and trim. If you want to be bold, however, choose an eye-catching dominant colour that will make a statement.
    • Style – The common choices are brick, slate, flagstone, tile, antique cobble, old world cobble stone, and weathered stone. If you have a unique style in mind, you should consider special order moulds.
  • Laying pattern – The most popular ones are Random “I,” Random Ashlar, Herringbone, and Runner.
  • Borders – You can do without borders, but if you want to add a significant accent to the project, they are a good idea. The most common paver borders are Soldier, Random, and Runner.


For further inspiration, the following are some great ideas of what you can incorporate into your patio and walkway design:

• Laying the pavers in two different angles (e.g., main patio at 90 degrees, raised area at 45 degrees).
• Including pattern inserts (e.g., a circle design to go around a fire pit).
• Putting in accent colours (e.g., a solid charcoal frame around a cream-brown-charcoal combo).
• Combining different textures (e.g., a double border with the outside border consistent with the field and the inside border a different colour and texture).


There are so many design possibilities. Make sure to take your time in making your selection to avoid future regrets.

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