Landscaping And Lawn Care Tips For The Summer Season

No one wants to spend the whole summer cooped up indoors. But you don’t have to go to the park, beach or other far place to have fun and enjoy the warm, sunny weather, either. You can engage in a lot of great outdoor activities right in the comfort of your home by simply having a landscaped and well-maintained lawn.

Having the Perfect Lawn This Summer

Landscaping your lawn to make it summer-ready is the first step you need to take to have the perfect outdoor space for the coming hot months. With the right landscape design, your lawn can be the ideal recreational, sport, and entertainment venue.

At present, the most popular landscaping trends and ideas that will turn your lawn summer-ready are:

Swimming pool – When you have a pool on your property, you get to reduce trips to public pools and water parks. Although the initial outlay can be high, nothing beats the comfort and convenience of taking a dip in your own swimming pool anytime you want to. This lawn addition will be something that the whole family and your guests will simply love.

Pool area landscaping – Transform your swimming pool into the perfect outdoor entertainment venue with some additional landscaping works or features. Consider having a more spacious pool deck, a patio or gazebo, additional lighting features, and more plants to make the whole area more functional and appealing.

Pool area landscaping

Water feature – If you can’t have a swimming pool because of space or budget issues, opt for the next best lawn addition perfect for the summer: a water feature. Have a backyard waterfall, stone fountain, or pond added as an attractive new feature on your lawn.

Water feature

Landscape lighting – Make sure you can use your outdoor pool and entertain guests even at night by having the right landscape lighting features. You can choose from tiki torches, lampposts, and LED lighting to light up your outdoor space. Gardens that are well-lit also help make the whole property safer and more secure.

Outdoor kitchen – When you have an outdoor kitchen, you can avoid wasting time going inside your house to prepare and cook dishes and bringing them out. With the right cooking equipment and additional features, you can cook outside and not miss out on anything during the party or gathering.


Outdoor fireplace or fire pit – You can also opt for a small outdoor cooking area if your lawn isn’t too big. Have a small fire pit and barbecue area installed so that you can still grill and cook outdoors. An outdoor fireplace is also great for warmth and lighting for small, intimate gatherings taking place on your lawn.

Outdoor fireplace or fire pit

Low maintenance design – Regardless of the season, choose a landscape design or theme that requires little maintenance. Select plants that do not require too much watering and design the landscape in a way that you can combine or reduce gardening chores so that you can save time, money, and effort.

Summer Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

To make sure your landscaped yard maintains its good quality this summer, here are helpful tips you can follow:

  • During summer, water your lawn deeply but less often. This means you have to hydrate your lawn in a way that the deepest root systems of all plants get enough water; this way, they don’t die easily from too much heat. By doing so, you can reduce the frequency of watering your yard.
  • Mow your lawn regularly. If your lawn doesn’t get enough water, you can increase the mowing height.
  • Aerate your lawn so that your turf can get more oxygen, which they especially need during the hot summer months.
  • Fertilise your lawn to give the plants the nutrients they need.
  • Get rid of weeds quickly. You can remove them manually or use an organic or safe weed killer.


Once you have the perfect lawn for summer, make sure you keep it in tip-top shape. Do the usual lawn care and maintenance tasks or, better yet, have the experts handle all these chores. By doing so, you’ll spend more time relaxing and having fun on your yard and less on maintaining it.

Consider creating summer-ready landscape design

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