Looking For A Beautiful Wedding Garden Design To Use? Here Are The Trends To Consider

Are you and your groom like a lot of couples who find it a romantic idea to hold their wedding outdoors? Do you feel like placing the event right smack in the midst of a natural setting will automatically make the occasion more laidback — and therefore, rather more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone?

If you’re considering having your big day outdoors and you’re gravitating more toward a garden venue, here are the most popular trends for wedding garden design, plus tried and true wedding planning tips to help you out.

Create Your Theme

There’s a vast variety of themes to consider for a garden wedding, so it’s best to take the time to sit down with your wedding planner to discuss the top wedding garden ideas that meet your personal aesthetics and other requirements. If you don’t have any theme in mind just yet, here are three of the trendiest themes.
1. Country

This theme will bring a rustic charm to the event. It’s rather casual and fun. People can just add some fancy little touches to typical farm wear, but there’s no need to overthink outfits. The key to getting a garden wedding in a country setting is to unify decorative elements to achieve the distinct style.


For example, with colour, vibrant reds, yellows, and navy blue are ideal because these hues are not only common in the surroundings, but they’re also the colours worn most by country folks.

2. Whimsical

This theme is about bringing a dream-like quality to the event. Landscaping ideas for such a wedding usually include a profusion of pretty plants, blooms, and accessories in soft hues. It’s about creating a little piece of heaven on earth purely for the celebration. The most common colours used for a whimsical wedding are peach, pink, lavender, mint green, and white.



3. Boho Chic

This theme is romantic but has loads of personality. There are no clear rules on what should go into a boho chic wedding, but it’s imperative that everything looks cohesive as a result. The boho style usually highlights the colours of nature – lots of neutrals with splashes of bold turquoise, coral, violets, and others.

Boho Chic

Choose Your Wedding Décor Carefully

When you have a theme, choosing décor automatically becomes a breeze. For the aforementioned themes, rounded up are the most common decorative elements used.

Country – Coleman lanterns, bales of hay, bunting, Mason jars, handmade luminaries, wood buckets for holding flowers, and floral arrangements that also include corn, paisley bandanas, and even flags.

Whimsical – Twinkly lights, intricately designed vases, candelabras, strings of crystals, sculptures, and water elements like fountains strategically placed in the landscaping.

Whimsical Twinkly lights

Boho Chic – Different coloured strings of lace and satin, feathers worked into floral arrangements, quirky ornaments like colourful origami, dreamcatchers, and handmade art worked into the landscape design.
Boho Chic

When choosing décor for your preferred theme, always consider the landscape design, Sydney wedding planners advise. You’ll enhance the setting optimally this way because natural elements can shine on their own or serve as the beautiful background for your carefully picked décor.


Achieving your dream garden wedding is all about paying thorough attention to the details. Plan with great care so you can incorporate all the garden ideas for your big day.

Consider wedding-themed landscape design

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