Having The Perfect Shade Garden

Plants need sunlight to grow and survive. Unfortunately, not all homes receive the right amount of natural light regularly because of tall trees, walls, mountains and hills, and other obstructions.

Shade Garden

In case your lawn enjoys shady conditions, it doesn’t mean that you can’t grow or have any kind of plants ever. If your property doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, a shade garden will work best for you.

Advantages of Having a Shade Garden

Shady gardens can offer several benefits to homeowners. These include:

Low water requirement

Since your plants and soil won’t be frequently exposed to direct sunlight, water won’t evaporate quickly. With better water retention, your plants will more likely retain their lively green appearance even without frequent watering.

They are low-maintenance

Many shade-tolerant plants can grow with minimal assistance. If your landscape design is made up of shade-loving garden beds, covering them with a thick layer of mulch during planting and hydrating them when needed will be enough to give you a beautiful lawn.

You will have fewer weeds to deal with

Since your garden won’t be exposed to regular sunlight, weeds will have a harder time growing. It will also be easier to monitor and eliminate weeds if they do not grow and proliferate quickly.

Plants to Grow In Your Shade Garden?

If you’re starting a shade garden, experts in landscaping and gardening Australia property owners trust recommend growing these plants:

  • Mona lavender – This type of plant has slightly hairy leaves with dark green colour. They produce pale grey-blue flowers in late summer. They also continue to flower through autumn and into early winter.

    Mona lavender

  • Winter Daphne – This plant comes with either pink or white flowers and thrives well under shade.

    Winter Daphne

  • Fire Lily – This sun- and shade-tolerant plant has dark green and strappy leaves and can grow to almost half a metre.

    Fire Lily

  • Vireya Rhododendron ‘Currieochra’ – This plant comes in a hue similar to the common Clivea. It grows well under sun and shade and produces beautiful spot flowers throughout the year.

    Vireya Rhododendron Currieochra

  • Oak-leaf Hydrangea – This type of plant has a lovely shape and texture and produces cream flowers during summer.

    Oak-leaf Hydrangea

Shade Garden Ideas

To have the perfect shade garden in your property, here are some gardening ideas and tips you can follow:

  • Combine and arrange shade plants artistically. Place tall plants like astilbe in the back and shorter ones like foam flower in front. Use low-growing groundcovers to fill in your display.

    Shade Garden Ideas

    shade loving shrubs

  • Use shade-loving shrubs to anchor beds and to add height and structure to your garden. They can also provide a dark backdrop which will help bright blooms pop even more.
  • One of the best garden shade ideas you have to consider is to plant bulbs that bloom under deciduous trees that have yet to reach their full height. Smaller bulbs such as daffodils and crocuses that naturalise or spread on their own are the best ones to plant.
  • Liven up a shady spot by growing plants with different textures.
  • Cultivate some container gardens as well. They will add colour and dimension to your shade garden.

Container and Small-Space Gardening

A shade garden can enhance the look and appeal of your property. With this type of garden, you won’t have to spend too much time under the sun. You will also have a lawn that is easier and less stressful to maintain.

Consider landscape design and shade garden options

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