Quick and Helpful Sydney Landscaping Tips to Make Your Small Backyard Seem Bigger

For many homeowners, a backyard or garden is a must-have. Regardless of whether you live in a bustling city or a quieter suburb, having a place to sit back, entertain guests, or tend plants can help you enjoy your private space more.

The problem, however, is that not all homes come with spacious outdoor spaces. However, your precious limited yard space can look larger than life and actually become more than enough for everything you wish to do in it — all it takes is the touch of a highly experienced Sydney landscaping expert who can effectively maximise the space and help the entire household (and all your visitors) thoroughly relish its versatility.

Here are tried and tested tips for making your small backyard appear much bigger, from a seasoned garden landscaper:

  • Extend your indoor space. Modern homes now often unify the house and the garden. This is a good design strategy in this case since the house and your backyard can thus be read as a single larger area. It can be as simple as using the same type of timber deck for the living area inside the house and for a part of the garden or backyard; this way, when the house is opened up, it will appear as one big, beautiful space. This is a wonderful design idea for Sydney homes that engage in plenty of entertaining or relaxing.



  • Break it up into multiple zones. Rather than maintaining your backyard as a single monotonous space, you can divide it into specific areas for added style and utility. Create different purposes in each space by arranging furniture to establish “rooms” — use them for lounging, cooking, dining or mingling.


Think dividing up the space is counterintuitive? Landscape design experts say that establishing smaller areas can actually help a small yard gain some breathing room.

  • Dress up plain walls. There’s no reason to leave bare walls as they are — this will only create a stark appearance that can make the space feel even more restricting. Pots with striking plants (bromeliads, for example) or timber panels can reduce the immediate visual impact of high walls and thus enhance a boring background.
  • Use tall, thin plants. Try not to add just any kind of plant to your small backyard. Go specifically for tall and thin varieties, such as bamboo or even Ficus microcarpa — they fit nicely into narrow areas and the foliage can trimmed to form hedges. Not only will thin and tall plants let in light above, but they will also allow space for smaller plants below.



  • Create a focal point. Finally, you can use this common styling trick when designing both indoor and outdoor spaces. If the area is limited, you can introduce a feature that will immediately capture the attention of anyone who enters the space. This way, the attention is taken away from the actual size of the space and zoomed in on the main feature of interest. Choose whichever suits your visual preferences — a stunning piece of sculpture, a fountain or other water feature, or a gorgeous exotic plant are excellent choices. And you get an added bonus — your chosen focal point will always be a great conversation starter.

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