Rooftop & Balcony Gardening

A little garden and greenery is good for us, especially in apartment or small space living. If you’re interested in edible gardening it can also be a great money saver if you grow your own herbs or vegies.

A few tips to maximize a small space:

Go Up!
When you’re stretched for space it’s all about vertical gardening.You can have self-watering mounted pots installed or go simpler with hanging baskets or cloth pockets. Up-ended crates are really great because they have good drainage and allow you to fill with soil and relocate if necessary. A cute tip is to paint them with blackboard paint so you can label your herbs.
Same goes for water features, there a heaps of gorgeous waterfall type features that can make your small space into a mini oasis. Plenty of landscaping companies will install these for you.
Go Reflective :
It’s not a new concept that mirrors help give the illusion of space and this is especially helpful in a rooftop, courtyard or balcony setting. Putting a large rectangle mirror at the end of a small or narrow space can really elongate the area and create the illusion that it leads off into another area. It’s handy that they are waterproof and look simple yet elegant among natural materials and plants.

Go Light :
Another tip to give the illusion of a more spacious area and to avoid clutter is to usesimple outdoor furniture in lighter colours. Avoid dark timbers or black metals. White, natural timber and especially tables or chairs with clear or glass panelling give the furniture an ‘invisible’ quality that means the space doesn’t feel over filled. The bonus is you still get the benefit of having comfy furniture to entertain with or relax on and this extends your living area.