Selling Up? Here are our Best Tips to Get Your Garden into Shape before Selling

Selling Up-Here are our Best Tips to Get Your Garden into Shape before SellingAs a general rule of thumb, investment in a professionally designed and landscaped garden should bring a 100 per cent return on the garden value and represents a vital element which can dramatically add to the final sale price of any property. In a cut throat property market such as that in Sydney, maximising and harnessing any opportunity to increase your sale price is of utmost importance.

When a buyer approaches a property for sale, one of the first things they will notice is its front yard; are the trees well groomed, is the lawn maintained, are the flowers and shrubs in keeping with the appearance of the property overall? All of these point to the general care and upkeep taken with regards to a property. So what are our best tips for preparing your outdoor spaces for the sale of your property? Included below are some landscape design and garden makeover tips to maximise the profit to be made at sale time:

• The landscaping of your front yard and entry area are is vitally important. Buyers can make up their mind about a property before they have even stepped a foot in the door, so you want that initial impression they get of your property to be a positive one. Ensure your front yard and entry area is neat and tidy; employ a landscaper to update or makeover any garden beds and fencing that may require modernisation

• Engage the services of a good painter. Paint and timber staining will cover up tired and weathered parts of your outside walls, screens, pergolas and fences, making your outdoor spaces appear new and well maintained and the flow on effect will mean that a potential buyers will think that all areas of the property have been well maintained. When updating any paint, be sure to choose colours that blend with or match the existing architecture and colour palette of the house. When preparing a property for sale, this is not the time for taking any design risks

• Have decks repaired, cleaned or updated where possible. An old, peeling and broken deck does not make for a relaxing environment in any backyard or outdoor space. Paved areas should also be updated and repaired where necessary or cleaned with a light acid mix and sealed to give them a clean, shiny look

• Simply having your garden beds updated, as well as mulching to make them look well cared for and pruning approximately two months prior to auction will promote new growth and revitalise any tired garden. Keep any flower colours to a simple colour palette for best effect. Unless you are confident in your abilities, mixing in too many colours in your garden can look kitsch. If you are unsure, employ a landscaper for advice

• Ask your landscaper to plant shade-tolerant plants under larger shrubs and fill the back of your garden beds to add further depth, this will help them to appear larger and more established. Also, introducing pots with colour can help to dress up balconies or entertainment areas and verandahs to great effect

Overall, try to avoid your garden from appearing disconnected or unsuited to the styling of your house and achieve a more appealing and professional look by consulting a good landscape designer. They will certainly be able to provide ideas on how to maximise your outdoor space prior to the sale of your property, and to your budget. And finally – good luck!