Small Garden Design Ideas That Are Loaded With Style But Completely Budget-Friendly

vegetable-gardenWorking with a small space propels people to be more innovative. As such, if you have a garden that’s rather small for the usual landscape design ideas, don’t be discouraged or believe that you cannot achieve a completely visually satisfying look for it. With a bit of of creativity, you can achieve maximum style for your little outdoor retreat — and you can even do this without busting your budget.

To launch the transformation of the small patch of green in your Sydney property, here are six small garden design ideas that will easily turn your cute front yard or backyard into your family’s favourite spot for relaxation and entertaining:

  1. Create a garden pond
    Does this seem like a huge, difficult project to execute in such a small space? Not if you make a miniature garden pond using a clay pot. Not only will this creative garden pond easily fit in your small garden, but you can also move it around when you wish to freshen up the look of your space. You can place lily pads and other floating plants in the pond; if you like, you can even take care of small fish in it.
  2. Grow a vertical garden
    You can attach planters (which are very easy to make) to the walls, or hang painted recycled cans to hold herbs, or place a small stepladder to organise potted plants.
  3. Place seating in the garden
    A pair of bistro tails and a table will fit into narrow gardens with no problem. The seating will not only enhance the look of the space but it will also add function to it, especially if outdoor lights such as strings of LED sparkly lights or candles in old Mason jars are added to the design.
  4. Incorporate climbers to the design
    Climbers will add more green to the space and can even improve the “climate” within the small garden, especially during the summer.
  5. Stack pots of different plants
    Stacked pots are not only impressively stylish but they also fit perfectly into small gardens. These will also allow you to achieve variety without overwhelming the space.
  6. Do away with turf and plant succulents instead.
    Grass is hard to maintain, and you don’t need grass for a beautiful small garden. Replace glass with succulents which grow easily, are cheap, and are a breeze to maintain. Another advantage of using succulents for your small garden landscaping is that you won’t need to take care of soil quality much. Lastly, succulents come in various shapes, sizes, and colours to really make your small garden lovely.

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