Summer Lawn Care and Landscaping: Sydney Gardening Experts Share Tips for Protecting Your Plants This Season

Summer is the perfect time for going on holidays, spending time at the beach, having barbecues, and simply relaxing and hanging around. But if you have a lawn, you will also have to spend several hours a week working on it to be sure it stays healthy and beautiful this hot season.

Summer Lawn Care

Keeping Your Lawn Hydrated

The experts in gardening and landscaping Sydney locals trust say that water plays an important role in keeping your lawn and plants in good condition during summer. You need to ensure you are watering them sufficiently and properly to protect and continue nourishing your plants in hot weather conditions.

If you’re not sure your plants are getting enough water, be on the lookout for these signs of a dehydrated garden:

  • The bottom parts of your plants may have yellowing leaves or dried leaves.
  • There are drooping plant stems and leaves.
  • Some plants may have roots showing up at the surface.
  • There are premature blossom drops on flowers. Flowering plants that lose their blossoms too early are often dehydrated.
  • The plants’ colours change. For example, green ornamental grasses turn brown.
  • The ground around the plants is cracked.

Watering Tips

Watering Tips

To ensure your plants remain appealing elements of your landscape design, follow these watering tips this summer:

  • Water infrequently but thoroughly.Plants in flower beds and gardens will benefit from one to two watering sessions every week. However, you have to make sure you give your plants a thorough soaking.
  • Water your garden in the early morning when the sun isn’t out yet, or at night. This is because less water evaporates during these times and, as such, you are sure your soil and plants absorb more water.
  • Distribute water properly.Watering frequently at just one root point or side can lead to one-sided root growth. This, in turn, will lead to poor nutrient absorption from the soil. As such, always water around the plant and make sure you cover the entire irrigation area.
  • Don’t get the leaves wet. Lastly, plants in heat will certainly appreciate a good soaking but you should never get the leaves wet. This is because wet leaves are prone to getting leaf moulds. Also, wet leaves left under the scorching sun can develop slight, ugly burn marks.

Reviving and Maintaining Your Plants

Reviving and Maintaining Your Plants

Keeping your lawn properly hydrated is a good start to reviving a dry yard. You can also keep your plants healthy and in good condition by following these tips when gardening in summer:

  • Apply mulch.
    Mulch helps control weeds and, at the same time, aids the soil with holding moisture in. It also offers another layer of protection that protects the plant roots from the harsh effects of sunlight.
  • Add other substances to improve your soil.
    Aside from mulch, you can improve your soil’s ability to absorb and retain water by adding compost, manure and other organic matter.
  • Lastly, plant trees and shrubs around the garden to create shade and protect your garden from harsh winds.
    You can also buy moveable screens, shade sails and garden umbrellas to protect your plants from the scorching sun. But make sure you remove them during warm, wet and humid conditions to prevent your plants from getting diseases.

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