Backyard Fencing: A Guide To Choosing The Right Fence For Your Property

Backyard fences provide additional security to your property. If you choose your backyard fencing material and design properly, you will also enhance the appeal of your outdoor space.

Backyard Fencing Project – Factors To Consider

If you want to build a fence, you need to consider certain key factors first to ensure you’re on the right track with this type of home improvement project. These factors include:


Landscaping in Sydney – Patio and Walkway Designs for Your Backyard

Do you want a patio and walkway incorporated in your landscape design but don’t quite know where to start? Here’s a simple guide to prove you with some inspiration to make your landscape design decisions easier. (more…)

A Tropical Garden Design in Sydney

tropical garden design in SydneySourceMany people consider the tropics as paradise. Gorgeous climate, fabulous beaches, vibrant flowers, lush greenery, fascinating fauna — being in such a place has the power to lift the everyday worries that rest heavy on their shoulders. The serenity stemming from the beauty of nature, the usually laidback attitude of the people in the tropics, the relaxing warm weather — all these contribute to the restful and rejuvenating qualities of the tropics. Wouldn’t you want to have this right in your backyard? (more…)

Small Garden Design Ideas That Are Loaded With Style But Completely Budget-Friendly

vegetable-gardenWorking with a small space propels people to be more innovative. As such, if you have a garden that’s rather small for the usual landscape design ideas, don’t be discouraged or believe that you cannot achieve a completely visually satisfying look for it. With a bit of of creativity, you can achieve maximum style for your little outdoor retreat — and you can even do this without busting your budget.

To launch the transformation of the small patch of green in your Sydney property, here are six small garden design ideas that will easily turn your cute front yard or backyard into your family’s favourite spot for relaxation and entertaining:


Incorporating a Water Feature into your Backyard

Incorporating a modern water feature into your backyard design can be one of the most exciting things about a professional garden make over. Water features are a fantastic way to add another tranquil, calming element to your outdoor space whilst giving a modern and natural feel to your overall design.