Landscape Design: Turn Your Garden Into a Holiday Destination

Is there a place in the world you like or would like to travel to for a relaxing holiday? How about you give yourself easy access to a slice of that paradise right on your property by transforming your garden into your favourite destination?
If you want a destination-themed landscape design that is luxurious and perfect for entertaining, the following are great ideas for you to apply or use as inspiration.

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If you love the beauty and mystique of Bali, you can achieve the same atmosphere for your garden by incorporating elements such as tropical plants (flowers like bougainvillea and hibiscus, short palm trees, rainforests ferns, and lots of bamboo), large clay jars, teakwood decks, and statues of Buddha. You could also put in a pond with live koi, stepping stones, Balinese lanterns, and Balinese handicrafts like intricate wood carvings and weavings. To further infuse the feel of a travel vacation, set up a hammock and low day beds on the deck. All of these together will feel both lush and serene. (more…)

Some fundamental tips on how to design your very own vegetable garden

vegetable-gardenEverything is expensive these days, even our time costs us money. The good news is that by starting a vegetable garden in your backyard, you could start saving on both in a matter of weeks!

Food happens to be one of our greatest expenses, so it kind of makes sense to use the space you’ve got at home to grow your own crops, saving you on costly grocery bills every month. A vegetable garden is not only economically smart, but is a healthier way of life.


Ideas to Make your Outdoor Living Space More Modern

While the leaves change with autumn, perhaps it’s time to think about changing up your outdoor living area too. If you’re looking to modernise your outdoor space, here are some simple ideas and ways to update your backyard landscape.


Sydney Garden Design Makeovers for Your Home

image001The value of landscaping and garden design in Sydney has long been recognised by Sydney residents. In a progressive, international city, garden makeovers and elaborately landscaped backyards are the norm. However, what many people don’t realise is that the benefits of garden makeovers and Sydney landscape design go much deeper than just having a gorgeous yard. (more…)