Ideas to Make your Outdoor Living Space More Modern

While the leaves change with autumn, perhaps it’s time to think about changing up your outdoor living area too. If you’re looking to modernise your outdoor space, here are some simple ideas and ways to update your backyard landscape.


Why Autumn is the Best Time to Landscape Your Garden.

Why Autumn is the Best Time to Landscape Your GardenAs the hot, dry days of summer begin to fade into the less intense and more pleasant days of autumn, you will discover that now is the perfect window of time to get your planned garden landscaping done. Not only is the cooler weather conducive to working outside, but it also brings moisture to the soil, making it much easier to work with. This time of year helps your garden recover from the scorching heat of summer and get those new plants in before the upcoming winter and have them fully settled in and ready to thrive in spring. (more…)