Top 5 Landscape Design Trends for Your Family Backyard

Looking to enhance your outdoor space? Here are some top landscape and garden trends for 2020!

As we head into this new decade, homeowners are looking to enhance their outdoor areas so they can enjoy the outdoors throughout the humid dry season. Making your outdoor areas cosy and comfortable with seating and warm neutral lighting sets a lovely mood when you want to relax outside or entertain guests. So, if you want to spend more time outdoors and if you’re planning on a landscape and gardening adventure look no further. Here are a few trends to look out for.

#Trend 1 – Low Maintenance Lawns

Homeowners yearn for a beautiful outdoor space without having the hassle of the upkeep. Low maintenance lawns are trending for some time now and allow homeowners the pleasure of spending more time doing the things they love instead of spending time mowing the lawn.

Low maintenance turf, xeriscaping as well as artificial grass have become popular. While expensive, artificial grass is realistic and soft; and you do, however, end up saving substantially as no water or fertiliser is needed. Mowing and weeding is not required and can last up to 10 years or longer.

Xeriscaping is another option if you’re looking for a low maintenance lawn. It’s a process of landscaping or gardening that reduces and helps you eliminate the need for water. A dry plan system is used making the need for watering less.

Our ‘ Simple Geometry ’ project showcasing a mix of herbs and edibles to create a bountiful garden.

Trend 2 – Outdoor Living Spaces

More and more people want to enjoy nature in their own yard. Investing in an outdoor living space has now become a cool trend. Besides its therapeutic methods, spending more time outdoors and in nature is said to reduce stress and makes you feel happier. Outdoor patios are an essential point of get-togethers for visitors and family. Create a patio with multiple authentic materials that will make your backyard and pool area a place everyone wants to be. Having an outdoor kitchen can be the perfect element that brings a luxury look to your property from sinks to counter tops and storage. Investing in an outdoor living space is a good return on investment for your property in the long run.

Our ‘Cottage Charm’ project exhibits a welcoming outdoor living space with large bi-fold doors and outdoor furniture.

Trend 3 – Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardens have become a top trend especially among property owners living in apartments or smaller homes. It’s the perfect way of using space effectively. Vertical gardens can also be a wonderful fence creating a screen between two spaces. A vertical plant wall can add uniqueness to your outdoor area and can also be used to cover up an unpleasant looking wall or area outside.

A stunning vertical garden display making efficient use of the space available. Image by Marylou Sobel Interior Design on Houzz

Trend 4 – Lighting

Having the perfect lighting for your backyard is extremely essential to making it look and feel modern. Think about placing LED lights under walkways and stairs, and placing lights under bridges and benches. Outdoor chandeliers for your seating areas and for your outdoor kitchen can add a sensual touch. Having these light fixtures installed will make your backyard and pool areas feel cosy and safe.

Well lit outdoor seating and waterfall feature create a truly spectacular setting at our ‘Relax By The River’ project

Trend 5 – Balcony Gardens

Outdoor living is a top 10 trend in landscaping designs for 2020. More and more people are living in apartments and still want to be in touch with the outdoors. A balcony garden provides you with a touch of nature. People are opting to make better use of small spaces and a balcony garden is the ideal touch.

An eclectic mix of Australian native plants and a more classic mix of Magnolias and jasmine as part of our ‘Sense Of Place’ project

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