A Tropical Garden Design in Sydney

tropical garden design in SydneySourceMany people consider the tropics as paradise. Gorgeous climate, fabulous beaches, vibrant flowers, lush greenery, fascinating fauna — being in such a place has the power to lift the everyday worries that rest heavy on their shoulders. The serenity stemming from the beauty of nature, the usually laidback attitude of the people in the tropics, the relaxing warm weather — all these contribute to the restful and rejuvenating qualities of the tropics. Wouldn’t you want to have this right in your backyard?

Many homeowners are eager to implement a tropical garden design in Sydney. This isn’t really a challenge to achieve since Sydney has a pretty pleasant climate in which tropical plants can thrive. The beaches are also abundant and beautiful in their own right, so that can definitely add to the tropical atmosphere. You just need to know how to go about creating the ambience of a tropical paradise in your backyard transformation. If you need ideas, the following are some simple but effective ideas for achieving a tropical garden design in Sydney.

  • Plant palm trees and bamboo around your garden. They’ll provide the right tropical greenery, adding colour and charm to your yard. Bamboo would actually make a perfect fencing material while palm trees are simply essential to setting the right tone.
  • Install a deck and furnish with large floor cushions to make it conducive to rest and relaxation. Make sure you have lounges as well for those who can’t easily sit on and rise from the floor. Choose furniture in earth tones and that are made of rattan or cane. Add a sisal rug and you can sufficiently channel a Hawaiian lanai.
  • For the tropical holiday feel, put in a tiki bar and a hut. Decorate with tiki statues and torches. Put together these elements and you have a fun entertainment space. You and your guests can enjoy the atmosphere while sipping tropical cocktails. Nobody will care that the weather isn’t quite balmy.
  • String fairy lights across the trees and along the deck to further enhance the tropical resort ambience. If you can spring for them, add a pool and a sandpit as well. The sandpit would serve as a child’s play area or even a “beach” volleyball court.
  • tropical garden design in SydneySource
  • Adorn your garden with pretty tropical flowers such as bougainvillea, hibiscus, orchids, plumeria, birds-of-paradise, etc. Meanwhile, the presence of ferns would suggest a lush tropical rainforest.

As you can see, with some attention to detail and creativity, you can transform your own backyard into a tropical haven.