Working with Your Landscaper in Sydney to Make Your Outdoor Space Summer Ready

What’s fun to do when it’s summer in Sydney? Enjoy the beautiful outdoors, of course.

The good news is that you don’t need to go too far. You can take advantage of the fresh air, beautiful views and the sunny weather right in the comfort of your own home. By improving your outdoor living spaces, you can have access to your best summer ever right where you live.

To make your outdoor space summer-re¬ady, make it a priority to change or update your landscape design. It’s best to work with a professional landscaper in Sydney to ensure you can implement improvements that will provide the most impact and offer value for your money in the long term.

Leading Sydney landscaping services experts also recommend focusing on the following elements as these provide the most ROI:

Get plenty of seating!

Create a more inviting look for your outdoor spaces by putting more seating nooks in strategic areas. Make sure you, your family and your guests will have plenty of comfortable spaces to lounge around in while you enjoy a barbecue party, pool party or both.


For al fresco seating, it’s best to invest in sturdy pieces made of weather-proof material so you don’t have to worry about hauling furniture in when the occasional summer shower comes. Aside from comfy and stylish seats, other key pieces to invest in may include some tables (otherwise, where will you place your refreshing summer beverages?) and a luxurious day bed or two. You can dress up day beds with throw pillows that add colours or patterns to your entire set-up.


Install a canopy or patio covering.

Another valuable addition is a screen and an overhead covering to the patio or other parts of your outdoor living areas. This allows you and your visitors to enjoy the outdoors – minus its inconveniences such as mosquitoes, pests or unexpected weather elements. The covering can be made of light materials such as a patterned screen partition that also serves as a decorative element.

Shady trees also make good overhead covering and help make your outdoor spaces cooler and breezier. Other types of plants, shrubs and ornamentals create a “resort” feel to your garden, especially if they look lush, neat and well-maintained.

Create the right mood with lighting.

To make the most dramatic change to your outdoor spaces, install strategic lighting. Through lighting design, you’ll be able to tie everything together to highlight the look you want to achieve. You can create a specific mood depending on the occasion – bright lights for a kiddie party, low yellow lights for an intimate dinner, etc. To ensure safety throughout your property, make sure to install lights along the pathways, garden paths, stairs, entrances and exits.


Add some modern accessories

. Lastly, put polish and personality by adding some well-selected accessories. Curtains – whether colorful, translucent, bohemian, or whatever suits your style – add visual interest. They can be used to create zones or even add privacy when needed. If you’re on a budget, some area rugs, decorative jars and planters can already go a long way. Meanwhile, those ready to splurge can install a modern bar and barbecue corner equipped with state-of-the-art appliances to elevate the look and function of your summer outdoor spaces.

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