Sandstone Sanctuary

Completed a few years ago in Epping, this pool renovation and terraced garden really transformed the existing wilderness into a beautiful and functional garden with multiple seating areas and interesting features everywhere you look.

Sandstone was chosen, as this material reflected the immediate surroundings perfectly. We used sandstone in a variety of ways including the pool paving and coping, retaining walls, steps, blade walls and as sandstone steppers. Decomposed granite was then used to complete the natural looking pathways.

Other features of note include a pergola, water feature, seating area with outdoor chess set, decorative metal screening and cabana - not to mention the sandstone itself which really looks magnificent and is a perfect fit for the space. The planting is expansive with plenty of variety. Structure is provided by a variety of deciduous trees in the main space, with beautiful autumn colour and spring blossom. Lighting completes the picture for what is now a stunning garden that has completely integrated the pool area with the house.

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Sandstone-Sanctuary Sandstone Sandstone-Sanctuary SANDSTONE SANCTUARY Garden